I’m not here to judge you, your body, your parenting style, your food choices, your family structure, your child’s temperament, or where you are at with your relationship with food. I know that you are doing the best you can do, with the resources that you have right now (even if it doesn’t always feel that way). I work with people at all stages and ages, from perinatal to end of life, and will meet you wherever you are at.

I think about food in terms of flavour, nutrients and variety; not good and bad. I talk about bodies in terms of diversity, and I do not equate diversity with disease or inferiority. 

Family Focused

Family can mean many different things to different people. While it can be hard to define, we know that sense of belonging we get when we are with our family. What works for us has to work in the context of our family. There is no point in figuring out exactly what to eat and when to eat if it doesn’t fit in with taking the dog for a walk, daycare pick-ups, grandparent’s visiting, roomate's cleaning schedules, managing crises, tending the garden, or pursuing our passion projects. Food and meals should enhance your relationships and connection, not detract from them.

I support all family structures, and all the identities of the people that make up those families, including LGBTQ+ identities, mixed families, single parents, and poly families. 





I use a Health At Every Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating approach. Within these frameworks there is abundant room for your own personal preferences, cultural values, and ethical considerations.

My approach focuses on internal body cues, self-acceptance, & grounding ourselves in the realities of our daily circumstances. I see food and meals as potential sources of joy and connection with our families and with ourselves.